Countdown! Make your stand!

We need your urgent help to kill a bill in the Kentucky House of Representatives that will redefine domestic-partner to exclude same-sex couples (House Bill 118 and Senate Bill 112).

Anti-gay activists want to strip away domestic-partner benefits for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people at Kentucky universities.

Earlier this month, Kentucky Equality Federation management had meetings with House Leadership to kill SB 112 and HB 118. Both bills died in Committee (thanks to your emails and support). However, some lawmakers are trying to go around the Committee on Health and Welfare and bring the killed bill to the floor (called a “discharge”) for a vote. If Democrats in the House get enough votes for a discharge, we’ve been advised the bill will pass if the entire House is permitted to vote on it.

Join Kentucky Equality in urging all members of the Kentucky House of Representatives to stop these hateful attacks Kentucky’s LGBT population.

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Thank you for helping Kentucky Equality Federation stop unfair attacks on our equality.