Kentucky Equality Federation Calls on Kentuckians to Join the National Boycott Against Target and Best Buy THIS Weekend!

Lexington, KY -- A nationwide boycott is being called for THIS weekend against a Political Action Committee (PAC) made up of several businesses, including Target and Best Buy, called MN Forward.

The boycott is being called nationwide because Target and Best Buy contributed a lot of money to Minnesota Republican Governor Candidate Tom Emmer. Emmer has aligned himself with radical anti-gay groups, including "You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International, Inc.," a Christian group whose head, Bradlee Dean, has said it is acceptable to execute homosexuals in a manner similar to that in Muslim nations.

Target Corporation made a significant donation of $150,000 to Minnesota political action committee MN Forward, which funds television ads for anti-gay Republican gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. Best Buy also donated $100,000 to Emmer's campaign.

A national "no shopping" day of protest is set for this weekend, August 14th and August 15th against Target and Best Buy.
Other statewide gay rights organizations are joining the boycott, and the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has condemned the donations.

A Facebook group has also been created, which had nearly 55,000 members at press-time. 

"This is about corporate responsibility, and if these companies, which once claimed to be 'gay friendly' wish to continue having LGBTI consumers, they need to be careful about whom they support," stated Kentucky Equality Federation founder, public advocate, and Board member, Jordan Palmer. "The actions of Target and Best Buy impact every LGBTI person in the United States, and we urge all citizens of the Commonwealth to boycott these stores this weekend."

Dean Byrd, Kentucky Equality Federation's co-President and Treasurer stated: "It is a slap in the face to the LGBTI community; I also believe that AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Kroger, and Thornton's should have been included alongside Target and Best Buy. Kentucky is the ONLY state Verizon Wireless donated money to a statewide political party (Republican), which currently, is completely anti-gay and homophobic especially the Kentucky Senate under the leadership of President David L. Williams."

  Kentucky Equality Federation issued an alert about AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Kroger, and Thornton’s on their Facebook page earlier today:

NOTE: Kentucky Equality Federation is Kentucky's largest all-volunteer grassroots lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex ("LGBTI") civil rights and advocacy organization. Kentucky Equality Federation is a diverse organization consisting of several corporations and groups with a common cause for Peace, Liberty, and Equality for All.