Updates, News, and Important Events - Kentuckians Value Fairness III

This is a time in Kentucky's history that every organization and individual must put differences aside and work together to finally secure the 1st Step of Equality for Kentucky (see below). At the end of the day, we are all the same: one community fighting for our civil rights.

Kentucky Equality Federation has significantly increased its reach around the Commonwealth with grassroots organizing, and we will not stop until we secure the 1st Step of Equality for Kentucky. Eventually, we will also overturn the 2004 discriminatory marriage amendment which blocks same-sex marriage, civil unions, and domestic partnerships.

Our community and our volunteers continue to be our inspiration to drive forward. At Kentucky Equality Federation, no individual, no group, and no organization shall be turned away in our struggle; we welcome everyone with open arms.

We must bring change to our Commonwealth; it is our generation's obligation and opportunity to bring equality to the LGBTI community; we stand on the shoulders of those who have come before us – the time is here, and we need your support:

Kentuckians Value Fairness

On Wednesday, February 25th, Kentucky Equality Federation, Kentucky Fairness Alliance, Fairness Campaign, Lexington Fairness, and other allies will gather in Frankfort for Kentuckians Value Fairness III.

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While we know the climb to secure equality in Kentucky is very steep, the magnitude of the issues at stake requires that every LGBTI person and straight ally act and stand for the 1st Step of Equality in Kentucky: a statewide law to protect LGBTI people from discrimination in housing, credit, accommodations, and employment!

Senate Bill 68
On February 5th, Kentucky Senator Gary Tapp (R) filed Senate Bill 68 to make it illegal for any 'unmarried couple' to adopt a child or serve as foster parents in Kentucky. Senate Bill 68 isn't about protecting children, it is about harming a specific group of people, the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and intersex community of the Commonwealth. Thousands of adoptable children are currently languishing in foster care, many bouncing from home to home or from institution to institution. This bill would also prevent all single people (including our straight allies) from serving as foster parents or adopting a child.

Kentucky Equality Federation responded by posting an action alert on the Equality Center, but no email was sent to our members.
"We try to keep emails to a minimum, and truth is that this bill will have no problem passing the Kentucky Senate if Senate President David L. Williams decides to push it," stated Michael Hollingsworth, Kentucky Equality Federation Board Member and Treasurer. "As of this morning, over 575 people have signed our action alert which is emailed to Senate leadership."

Click here to email the Kentucky Senate and tell them our children are not political pawns!

Senate Bill 68 remains in the Senate Judiciary Committee (since February 9th) without action. "Should Senate Bill 68 make it to the House of Representatives, Kentucky Equality Federation will take a more aggressive approach." -
Nick Herweck, Kentucky Equality Federation Board Member, and Northern Kentucky Regional Director

National Freedom to Marry Day
Kentucky Equality Federation and Marriage Equality KentuckyTM coordinated (with many allies in Louisville), the Marriage Counter ActionsTM in Kentucky; the Herald-Leader covered the story with the Family Foundation of Kentucky calling our initial attempts to raise awareness of the harm the current same-sex marriage ban has on couples in Kentucky "cheating." In addition, they announced that they support Senate Bill 68.

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer, and Board Member Kimball Roy responded with this upcoming letter to the editor (to be published in the Herald-Leader): With national divorce rates rising due to layoffs, increases in daycare, and an economy in the tank, one would think a 'family oriented organization' would be focused on economic solutions to help take the stress off couples (such as using their money to provide free daycare instead of lobbying Frankfort against domestic partner benefits, and using children as political pawns). But, instead, they continue to focus on keeping a minority group of families from having the same civil liberties and protections as the majority. (more)

"If the continued election setbacks across the nation have taught us anything, it is that nothing can replace volunteering, grassroots organizing, and the perseverance of an all - volunteer organization." - Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer in an interview with change.org.

Along those lines, Kentucky Equality Federation has confirmed volunteers in the positions of Latino Outreach Director, Government Outreach Director, Youth Outreach Director, and University Outreach Director.

For additional information, or to visit their new support groups, visit the Community Outreach Section in the Equality Center.

Yes, we still need volunteers! The struggle for equality is not over!