Louisville McDonalds Protest

The fight for equality and freedom from persecution continues across our Commonwealth.

Over the past several years, Kentucky Equality Federation has resolved complaints against Applebee's, Halloween Express, Steak n' Shake, Northern Kentucky University, Wendy's, and the University of Kentucky. Louisville's Fairness Campaign has been trying to resolve a complaint with a corporate owned, non-franchised McDonald's; their requests have been ignored.

As a result, the Louisville Fairness Campaign is exercising the only other option available: protest.

Kentucky Equality urges you to take part in the protest, and continue to fight discrimination across Kentucky.

Click here for additional information about the protest; please also feel free to leave comments.

Support Representative Mary Lou Marzian

Kentucky Equality Federation and Kentucky Equality PAC received requests for donations from an ally in the Kentucky House of Representatives, Mary Lou Marzian (D).

Representative Marzian has been an ally to the LGBT community for years and represents the Commonwealth’s 34th House District (a section of Louisville). Representative Marzian serves on the House Standing Committee on Health and Welfare which stopped legislation in 2008 to ban domestic partner benefits at Kentucky universities. (story)

Even if you do not live in Representative Marzian’s District, please consider giving a small donation to her campaign so we can keep an ally in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

Visit http://www.kyequalitypac.org/ for additional information about Election 2008.

Click here to make a donation to Kentucky Equality.

To mail a donation directly to Representative Marzian, make your check payable to Marzian for State Representative at mail it to 2007 Tyler Lane Louisville, KY 40205.

Michael L. Pitzer (R) is running against Representative Marzian (D).

Kentucky Equality PAC is registered with the Commonwealth of Kentucky as a permanent Political Action Committee.

Kentucky Registry of Election Finance – Kentucky Equality PAC Registry File # 198160