Come Together Kentucky (CTK) 2008

Kentucky Equality Federation today announced all online donations made to Kentucky Equality until April 10, 2008 will benefit Come Together Kentucky.

Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer initially made the cutoff date April 04, 2008, but extended it until April 10, 2008 because of Come Together Kentucky’s dire need for funds. Kentucky Equality Federation has raised $368.00 of the $2,000.00 requested since April 01, 2008.

The goal of Come Together Kentucky 2008 is to facilitate learning and dialogue between the different secondary education institutes in Kentucky (and since it is at Northern Kentucky University this year, Cincinnati schools will be invited as well). Come Together Kentucky's workshops and speakers aim to promote diversity and understanding of others.

Come Together Kentucky was started 1996, and this is the fist year it is held at Northern Kentucky University. Programming for this event will be in the areas of: Cultural, Service, Education and Leadership.

"Education and exposure to diversity in non-threatening environments promotes tolerance; it is critical this occur during high-school and college, when individual minds are significantly more open to social diversity." - Jordan Palmer