Kentucky Senate Passes Ban on DP's / Rally for Equality and Fairness.

January 30, 2008 - The Kentucky Senate passed SB-112 today to ban domestic-partner benefits at all Kentucky public facilities (all political subdivisions of the Commonwealth). Senate Bill 112 passing was no surprise; the real battle is yet in come….. in the Kentucky House of Representatives.

With more than 560,000 of Kentucky’s 4,173,405 citizens living without health insurance, taking coverage out of anyone’s reach indicates health insurance is only a commodity for the rich.

“Every Kentuckian knows when a bill is filed to stop universities from offering domestic-partner benefits, it is actually a bill to discriminate against a specific group of people – gays. Even the question of denying them is homophobic.” - Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer.

Bluegrass Fairness of Central Kentucky and the Kentucky Equality Federation are sponsoring the first LGBT lobby day of this session on February 12; Equality. Fairness. Nothing more, nothing less. This shall be the day we take the fight for equality and fairness directly to our Capitol.

We need your support as the opposition has the voices and numbers that we fail to get to the Capitol. Pro and/or friendly LGBT policies are the minority, but we need to drum enough support to seem like the majority.

We have two exciting events planned for you; you may register for one or both events:

We plan on having many guest speakers; including Senator Ernesto Scorsone, and Representative Kathy W. Stein.

Why do we need you to stand with us on February 12th? Look at what we are fighting! This comments are from your elected officials!

It's OK to fire someone if they're gay. Historically, homosexuals haven't suffered. - Representative Joseph Fischer (October 2006)Homosexuality is aberrant behavior. - Senate President David Williams (January 2008)

The University of the Cumberlands stands for what is positive . - Senate President David Williams (August 2006)I don't want to entice any of those people into our state. Those are the wrong kind of people. – Senator Dick Roeding (July 2006)

The Log Cabin Republican Club of Kentucky, a gay GOP group, "are nothing but a bunch of queers." - Senator Dick Roeding (July 2006)

I wouldn't think that there would be a lot of support in the General Assembly for giving benefits to people that were involved in same-sex relationships. Doing so would be bad public policy. - Senate President David Williams (July 2006)

I am committed to protecting traditional marriage. I proudly supported the Same-Sex Marriage Amendment proposal in Kentucky in 2004 and was pleased to see it pass with 74% of the vote. - U.S. Representative Geoff Davis [part of Kentucky’s Congressional delegation] (July 2006)