November 06, 2006

Tomorrow is an important day....instead of giving someone a Christmas gift this year, give them a gift that will help them for the rest of their life. VOTE TOMORROW! In order for us to move forward, we must change our elected representatives!

Who is running? Who do I vote for?

The Kentucky Secretary of State is the principal executive who supervises the Kentucky Department of State. The Secretary of State, an elected constitutional officer, serves as the Chief Election Official of the Commonwealth. The Secretary of State is the filing official for all candidates seeking an office to be voted for by the electors of more than one (1) county, members of Congress, members of the General Assembly and for all candidates seeking an office of the Court of Justice.

- Kentucky Registrar (provides names and information on everyone except Commonwealth's Attorneys, County Attorneys, and local officials)

- Kentucky House & Senate Voting Records (find out what legislation your current official has supported, sponsored, or endorsed)

Where do you vote? Visit the Kentucky Voter Information Center; type in the required information and it will tell you where to go.

How do I know who to vote for? After you visit the Secretary's website and find out who's running for office, look at your current officials voting record using the link provided. If you don't like the legislation your current official (assuming they are running for re-election) has proposed, supported, sponsored, or endorsed, vote for their opponent!