Help swing the election in House District 68 away from Joe Fischer.

October 28, 2006

In light of Representative Fischer's (R) biased, uneducated comments about homosexuality, Kentucky Equality Federation is asking all members in the Northern Kentucky region to donate time to helping his opponent, Linda Klembara (D) win the election. Anyone may volunteer to donate time to work in the telephone banks in the Northern Kentucky area.

"Please understand that Kentucky Equality is a non-partisan Federation of individuals, corporations, and organizations united in a common mission. However, when a candidate openly attacks our culture, Mission Statement, Core Values, or our Statement of Values, we must work to remove them from office regardless of their political affiliation. Representative Fischer has been a big supporter of anti-gay legislation, and will continue to be until we send a message to Frankfort that this will no longer be tolerated." - Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer "I encourage and implore each of you with any amount of available time to assist in swinging this election in favor of his opponent."

  • Northern Kentucky Chapter President Nick Herweck has agreed to volunteer!
    Secretary of the Federation Nancy Couch has agreed to volunteer!
  • Federation President Jordan Palmer has agreed to volunteer!



  • I think it's OK to fire someone for being gay.
  • I favor the present law as it exists, I don't favor extending special civil rights beyond the traditional protected classes.
  • Homosexuals have not experienced the same type of "insidious discrimination in housing and employment" as blacks and women.


  • I don't ever remember consciously saying, "I'm going to be a heterosexual." I think we're all born who we are.
  • My faith would not allow me to condone prejudice against anyone.
  • I do not believe employers should be able to fire people just for being gay.

Forget about political party affiliations and ask yourself.....who will best represent my interests?