Restore the Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program!

To all members and subscribers,

HIV and AIDS healthcare in Kentucky stopped in 2007 when the Commonwealth failed to renew the
Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program.  The health of low-income Kentuckians living with HIV, as well as the lives of those at risk of infection are in grave danger; we need your help to restore the program!

Kentucky has more than 1,200 people enrolled in its program for low-income HIV and AIDS patients.  But the Lexington Herald-Leader reports nearly 100 patients are on a waiting list that started in June for the Kentucky AIDS Drug Assistance Program (a Kentucky program, different from the Ryan White Programs)

"The fact that the Commonwealth stopped funding the low-income program in 2007 is inhumane, shortsighted, and threatens individual and public health," stated Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer.

According to the Lexington Herald-Leader:

State lawmakers acknowledge they have overlooked the program. They think it deserves state money again, but nobody is sure where that money would come from in the 2010 General Assembly, where the talk will be about cuts. Economic forecasters predict a possible state budget shortfall of more than $1 billion over the next two years.

"Frankly, with some of these programs, the legislature just loses track of them because at any given moment there's 1,500 issues in front of us," said House Health and Welfare Chairman Tom Burch (D-Louisville). (story)

You can help people with HIV/AIDS healthcare in Kentucky. Use the same letter below (or write your own) to contact the House Committee on Health and Welfare Members.

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The events calendar has also been updated with many new events being held by various organizations across the Commonwealth, including Equality Northern Kentucky, and the Imperial Court of Kentucky!

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Due to the health problems currently facing our president, the October 03, 2009 event Equality....Don't Stop Believin' was canceled. None of our other volunteers had the experience to manage such an event without direct involvement from President Palmer which currently, simply isn't possible. Everyone who purchased tickets for the event will receive a refund no later than 11/30/2009 by check or electronic deposit back to your account.

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