Organizational News and Senate Bill 68

As promised on March 05, 2009 with a blog post (United We Stand), Senate Bill 68 is officially dead. (more) Thank you for all of your support! As we move forward, we realize similar bills will likely be filed in the future, and we will be ready to fight them.

On Sunday, May 03, 2009, a national equality rally will take place at Independence Hall, the birthplace of our entire republic. So far, over 60 co-organizers have registered to March for Equality on Independence Mall, including Kentucky Equality Federation. (Miami-Herald News)

I am extremely proud of the organization we have built. Today, Kentucky Equality Federation is a powerful, permanent grassroots advocacy organization working to promote equality here in Kentucky and beyond. Our grassroots movement has taken on many new people, and I'd like to introduce them as they become new faces in our movement:
  • Laura Reed, Managing Director (more)
  • Julie Harris-Smith, Government & Legislative Liaison
  • Rick Wolfe, Western Kentucky Regional Director
  • Jessika Engle, Western Kentucky Administrative Coordinator
  • Matt Berry, Eastern Kentucky Regional Director
  • Christopher Perry, Special Events Coordinator
Joining William Anderson and Tara Morrison in Community Outreach is:
  • John "JJ" Bentley, Latino/a Outreach Director
  • Nikki McIntosh, Transgender Outreach Director
For a complete list of all Board members, officers, and statewide management, click here.

As we look to the future we cannot let previous setbacks deter us from fighting for what is right; likewise, we cannot rest on the laurels of the small victories we have made such as stopping the domestic-partner ban at Kentucky's public institutions, and stopping Representative Stan Lee (R - Lexington) and Representative Joseph M. Fischer (R - Covington) from removing 'home rule' by preventing cities and counties from adopting additional civil rights protections, and removing the ones currently active in Covington, Lexington, and Louisville.

In order to change our Commonwealth we need your help in holding lawmakers accountable for the legislation they propose. Especially, when legislation is proposed for the sole purpose of alienating a specific group of people, and making us feel like second-class citizens.

It continues to be my privilege and honor to serve as your President for Equality.


Jordan Palmer, President
Kentucky Equality Federation