New Outreach Directors; Kentucky Equality Federation today announced additional outreach programs to reach Kentucky's Youth

Kentucky Equality Federation today announced additional outreach programs to target 'tomorrow's leaders.'

"In order to bring equality to our Commonwealth we must continue to recognize that people in middle school, high school, colleges, and universities will be instrumental to our success. In 2005, a young man names Nick Herweck became involved in Kentucky Equality Federation; he was 16 years old. Kentucky Equality Federation assisted him in setting up a gay-straight alliance at Boone County High School by threatening to sue school administration who had been successfully blocking its creation," stated Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer."Today, Mr. Herweck is our Northern Kentucky Regional Coordinator, and sits on our Board of Directors."

Kentucky Equality Federation's Outreach Directors will focus on educating the public about lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI) issues within specific communities – providing information and sharing our message in specific ways, as well as contributing information regarding each community to our statewide organization. Outreach Directors will also reach out to members of the LGBTI community that too often have not been included, either in positions of leadership or in public education.

With candidates for additional outreach directors to target other communities (Black, Latino, Transgender, Intersex, Immigration, Asian, Seniors, Medical, Faith, and LGBTI Parents), still under review, Palmer appointed the following people to target the Commonwealth’s future leaders:
  • William Anderson, University Outreach Director: Mr. Anderson is currently a student at the University of Kentucky pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Vocal Performance. He is very active in the music and theatre world, and played several leading roles in operas and musicals.
  • Tara Morrison, Youth Outreach Director: A teenager herself, Ms. Morrison is passionate about giving Kentucky's LGBTI teenagers a voice in their community. Though she graduated high school in 2008, she is determined to see current and future students have a voice in their own communities, as well as support from their local school officials. While in high school, Ms. Morrison attempted to start a gay-straight alliance, but no teacher would sponsor the group.
Anderson and Morrison will be in contact with school administrations across the Commonwealth in addition to reaching out to any gay-straight alliances currently in place at each middle school, high school, college, and university.

Students and people across the Commonwealth already have the ability to report discrimination and school bullying to Kentucky Equality Federation from its online website,

To launch its new outreach programs, Kentucky Equality Federation has taken the initial steps of ordering business cards, brochures, and pamphlets; in addition to setting up special groups for each outreach director to facilitate communication, cooperation, and support between the Commonwealth's students and educational institutions.

Palmer also noted that reaching out to specific communities was necessary and critical in order to overturn Kentucky's same-sex marriage ban. In a recent interview with for Marriage Equality USA, Palmer stated, "No amount of money can replace volunteering, grassroots organizing, and the perseverance of an all - volunteer organization."

For addition information, visit the Community Outreach section of Kentucky Equality Federation's Equality Center at

>> Kentucky Equality Federation is still looking for Outreach Directors for the following communities:
Black, Latino, Transgender, Intersex, Immigration, Asian, Seniors, Medical, Faith, and LGBTI Parents. If you would like to volunteer for one of these positions, visit our website, or click here.