Join the Impact! Multiple protests scheduled around Kentucky

November 15, 2008 -- The 2008 election was a bitter-sweet celebration. We came together to witness the first black man who will become the president of the greatest republic in the world, the United States of America; on the other hand, we watched in sadness as Florida, Arizona, Arkansas, and California all voted down equality. (story)
This is not a four-state issue. This is an issue of equality across the United States. Stand up and make your voice heard!

Tomorrow, Marriage Equality Kentucky, GLSO Pride Center, college Gay-Straight Alliances and many others across the Commonwealth joins in the spirit of the grassroots movement taking to the streets to stand up for our full dignity as LGBT Americans.

Marriage Equality Kentucky, as a member of Kentucky Equality Federation and the International Lesbian and Gay Association, will join in this national call to action and urge you to add your city and your voice to the growing call for liberty, justice and marriage equality for all around our great republic.

We urge organizers to continue the momentum by joining the mailing list at, participating in a protest around the Commonwealth, and volunteer.

Click here to visit the the Equality Center at for event information and links!

Multiple events are being held around Kentucky tomorrow! (more)

Join the Impact!


Jordan Palmer (President), Dean Byrd (Administrative Coordinator), Michael Hollingsworth (Treasurer, and Board), Casey Kurtis (Board), N. C. Couch (Board), Kimball Roy (Board), Paul Johnson (Board), Trevor Ashley, Nick Herweck, and Brandi Walker.