Launch of Marriage Equality Kentucky!

Kentucky Equality Federation today announced the launch of Marriage Equality Kentucky™, a new grassroots organization to bring “gender neutral” marriage to Kentucky.

To reduce overhead and expenses, Kentucky Equality Federation has agreed to share its Equality Center (, including more than 9,800 email addresses and the names of its members.

Marriage Equality Kentucky’s relationship with the national Marriage Equality USA™ organization is still being negotiated and should be finalized by the end of next week.

Marriage Equality USA is currently fighting constitutional amendments in Arizona, California, and Florida.

“It is possible, and perhaps likely that Kentucky Equality Federation will become a self-governing chapter of Marriage Equality USA before the end of the year,” stated Kentucky Equality Federation President Jordan Palmer, who also serves as Vice President of Organizational Relationships with Marriage Equality USA and is a member of its Board of Directors. “Beginning grassroots work to overturn Kentucky’s 2004 Constitutional Amendment banning same-sex marriage is necessary, and long overdue.”

Should negotiations breakdown, Kentucky Equality Federation will operate Marriage Equality Kentucky as an integrated grassroots affiliate. The website for Marriage Equality Kentucky is